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We know what wood can do ...

wood is our life, our job, our calling… wood is our inspiration.

Skizze Tischlerei Gappmaier


Here at Tischlerei Gappmaier, your happiness is our objective. We are happy to not only furnish, but also take over the complete planning of your dream home or project. Our services include everything from the sketching and zoning, to the final steps of the building and design process so that your mind can be at ease.


We believe that one piece of wood can make a room come to life, and we therefor take pride in our own unique constructions that reflect your distinctive taste. In addition to classic pieces such as tables, chairs, and benches, please contact us in regards to windows, doors, curtains, mattresses and bed frames or any other concerns that come to mind.


Being a delicate and treasured raw material, proper care for wood is essential. Varnishes, lacquers, oils, and polishes bring out the structure and grain of the wood, making it shine and show its natural colors. We are happy to provide sandblasting services for your balconies, abrasion of hardwood floors, as well as advice on the replacement of doors or windows.

Wir wissen, was Holz kann